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ICMR to set up registry of hospitalized COVID-19 patients

ICMR to set up registry of hospitalized COVID-19 patients

To collect real-time data of patients, analyse trends in the progression of the COVID-19 pandemic and improve treatment results, the ICMR is planning to set up a registry of hospitalised COVID-19 patients across the country.

The National Clinical Registry will be set up by the ICMR in association with the health ministry and the AIIMS.

The registry is intended to help researchers and policymakers know the efficacy of investigational therapies.

The registry provides data of hospitalised COVID-19 patients like clinical features, demographics, treatment outcomes, comorbidities etc. to help improve the treatment of COVID-19 patients.

15 reputed institutions from across the country will be the registry sites. They will and also work as mentors and connect with the hospitals to get the data onboard.

The data would be collected from around 100 hospitals. The main intention behind this set up is to get evidence from the treatment outcomes, identify the effective drugs and adverse effects to improve the treatment of COVID-19 patients.

The data will also help improve the clinical management protocols to understand the better drug for a certain age group and efficacy of investigational therapies to manage the disease.

As it is difficult to understand the novel coronavirus, the registry will help better understand it. Still there many unknown parameters that hinder the management of the disease.

Earlier, it was said that it is difficult for elderly people and people with comorbidities to recover from COVID-19. But, there were many instances where such people completely recovered.

At the same time, many young people also succumbed to COVID1-19 which is contrary to the earlier notion that young people can easily recover from the disease.

In this scenario, researchers say that many things have to be identified with COVID-19. Hence, the proposed registry would help better understand the management and treatment of the disease.

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