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Government to launch three health schemes to mark Vajpayee’s birthday

Government to launch three health schemes to mark Vajpayee’s birthday

The health ministry is going to launch three health schemes today to mark the birthday of Atal Bihari Vajpayee, the former Prime Minister. These three schemes are driven by information technology and focused on maternal care, tobacco control measures and tuberculosis treatment.

The first scheme is Kilkari. It aims to reach pregnant women especially in rural areas to provide them with necessary health tips alerts on regular treatments and checkups, and also tips on nutritional diet and supplements. This programme was already running as a pilot project in Bihar. Now, the health ministry is planning it to six new sates. Pregnant women will get 72 audio messages through phone under this programme.

The second health scheme focuses on tobacco control measures. It will be implemented through missed calls. If any tobacco user wants to quit and needs help, he can leave a missed call to the given number by the government. A healthcare worker will follow-up this call and get in touch with the caller to help him quit tobacco by suggesting required medicine. The healthcare worker provides counseling if the caller required it.

This programme is very suitable for people who need help to quit the use of tobacco. They will get help from the healthcare workers to identify the issue and adequate medical choices for them to solve the problem. The government will support the people if they have health related issues due to the consumption of tobacco.

The last programme is related to tuberculosis. This will help the people in diagnosing tuberculosis in case of any suspicion. It even helps to find a close treatment centre that is equipped with all the necessary services to provide complete treatment.

In the previous year, an awareness campaign on immunization programme was launched by the ministry on December 25 and nearly 20 lakh children are fully immunized under this programme.

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