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Government extends the deadline for enrolment for crop insurance

Government extends the deadline for enrolment for crop insurance

Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana (PMFBY) is a crop insurance scheme for farmers. All farmers that have been sanctioned crop loans or loanee farmers will be covered mandatorily under the scheme. The scheme is optional for non-loanee farmers.

Both Loanee and Non-Loanee farmers have to enrol in the National Crop Insurance Portal(NCIP).  It is the responsibility of the banks to upload the data to the portal in the case of loanee farmers.

Non-loanee farmers, intermediaries, and other farmers can upload their data on their own to the portal. They shall upload relevant documents also while uploading their data.

Only online applications are allowed for enrolment. No offline enrolment facility is available. Premium should be paid by way of NEFT only. DD or cheques are not accepted.

All food crops like cereals, pulses, and millets, oilseeds, and annual commercial or horticultural crops are covered under the scheme.

The premium varies from ₹1.5% to 5% of the Sum Insured or Actuarial rate based on the crops.

The deadline for enrolment of farmers for this year is July 15. However, the Maharashtra government requested to extend the deadline till July 23. It wrote a letter to the central government requesting the extension for the enrolment due to the prevalent situation of COVID-19. It added that the Centre should consider extending the date in the interest of farmers.

Maharashtra government said that only 46 lakh farmers applied for the crop insurance scheme, while many of them have not yet completed their enrolment. Hence, an extension of the deadline is required, or else many farmers may lose the opportunity of getting benefitted from the scheme.

In this context, the central government extended the deadline for the enrolment for the crop insurance scheme till July 23, as requested by the Maharashtra government.

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