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Go India Smart Card Scheme

Go India Smart Card Scheme

The Go India smart card scheme is made so that passengers can use a multi-purpose card to pay for tickets. This is meant to reduce the transaction time at the booking counters because there won’t be any cash handling during ticket issuance.

In phase I, the card will be available for usage on two sectors, Delhi-Mumbai and Delhi-Howrah across point of sale (POS) applications like Unreserved Ticketing Systems, Passenger Reservation System, and Retiring Room.

Go-India smart card can be used at nominated UTS/PRS counters at stations and also in the existing ATVMs for issuing tickets. A passenger can get the card issued by paying a minimum of Rs. 70. The passenger will get Rs. 20 balance for the first time. After that, the card can be recharged for Rs. 20 or in multiples of Rs. 50 upto Rs. 5000. Passengers will have a grace period of ten days to claim failed re-charge or outstanding amount in the smart card.

The maximum limit on Go-India smart card will be up to Rs. 10000. It will also have life time validity. However, if the card is inactive for six months, then it will be temporarily deactivated and it can be activated by paying Rs. 50 as activation fee.

Image Reference: Indiatoday

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