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Free voice calls and data on Reliance Jio

Free voice calls and data on Reliance Jio

India’s Telecom giant Reliance announced domestic voice calls, data and roaming to be free till the year end on Jio network starting from September 5. Reliance Industries Chairman Mukesh unveiled a four-month introductory offer in which there will be free voice calls and data.

Jio is the prestigious project of Reliance and it is the largest capital expenditure for them since Reliance has invested around $21 billion on this project.

As per the announcements, the data plans are based on the affordability of customers. The base rate is 5 paise per MB or Rs.50 per GB. Mukesh Ambani says that the base of Jio is discounted at more than 90 per cent when compared to industry rates. The tariff could be Rs.25 per GB depending on the usage of the users.

Free domestic voice calls will also come along with free roaming. Even the international calls will also be affordable as per Mukesh. He added that every Indian can have the opportunity to get unlimited data to do unlimited good things.

Students can get 25 per cent additional data on Jio’s main tariffs. The project is targeted to reach over 100 million customers in the future and to be extended to 90 per cent of population by March 2017.

Experts believe that the move of Reliance helps in facilitating the digital revolution of the country. They say that in countries like India where customers are price sensitive, launching free voice calls and affordable data services is certainly a welcome step towards digital revolution. The move of Reliance Jio helps data mining especially for rural Indians. It is expected that in the near future, around 450 million phone users will shift to smart phones due to Jio.

With its lucrative offers, Reliance Jio will attract more mobile users in the market and beat rivals in the industry.

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