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Is it right to donate ugly contributions?

Is it right to donate ugly contributions?

Have you ever heard about Goonj? Goonj is an NGO that is working for poor and rural women. It is aimed at using old and underutilized cloth and make it a powerful tool for a communal transformation.

It was founded by Anshu Gupta in Delhi in 1999. It collects old clothes from all cities across India and make sanitary napkins with them to be used by rural and poor women. All clothes collected by them are segregated, washed and dried thoroughly. All clothes are made sure to be free from hooks and buttons by checking under metal detector.

Thus, many people are sending their old clothes and material to Goonj to serve underprivileged people. Yet, the shocking news is that yesterday, the NGO posted ugly contributions on its Facebook page. These include unwashed utensils and plates, dirty undergarments with blood stains, rotten pooja materials.

This shocked not only the team of NGO, but also the citizens who believe in humanity. You are not sending your precious materials to them, rather, you are sending your unwanted and useless material to them to be used by those in need. But, under the name of service or sacrifice, is it fair to contribute ugly contributions? Are they not human beings?

This deed led to opening the voice of Goonj to say their message out loud. The NGO stated that they are not a garbage store, nor will a kabari accept such type of material. It is not a service but an insult to their dignity.

Giving unwanted things does not mean contribution of ugly things is allowed. Whoever are the contributors of such ugly contributions, they should know the fact that they are contributing to human beings and such deeds do not come under humanity.

To stop such menace, the NGO has put certain guidelines before accepting the contributions from the donors. Everyone who want to contribute should mention his/her name and contact details in a chit along with material. They should also follow the guidelines in giving their contributions of ‘what to give’ and ‘what not to give’ as per their website. They won’t accept ugly or dirty contributions. Washed off and torn clothes will need to be sent in a separate packing.

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