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Experts say major cities are at greater risk

Experts say major cities are at greater risk

Several catastrophes and natural disasters have been rising for years. Global warming is an alarming fact not only in India but also in the world.

Rapid urbanization and poor-town planning are greater threats and lead to destruction in major cities. In the wake of recent heavy rains in Chennai, many environmentalists warn that many cities in India have a greater threat of devastation. Though, global warming is one of the major issues that is being focused on since a decade, it needs to be combatted with efficient measures.

Anant Maringanti, an urban planning expert in Hyderabad says that cities need good urban planning and farsightedness while building, lack of which leads to major devastation. The planning should be focused on the impact of climate as well. Unfortunately, this is not happening. Even though we have a plan to save mother earth, we are not implementing it in a proper way, according to his opinion.

He adds that building concrete jungles leads to the blockage of water, hence water is not absorbed by the earth naturally. Cities are not implementing their master plans. Drainage system and the way people are living in cities without bothering about the consequences of their actions on environment are some other issues.

According to Debi Goenka, an environmentalist, in addition to poor urban planning, commercialization of land in which every inch of it has a huge cost creates a greed to misuse it. While planning, each city should go in a way such that there is no harm to it and their own geographical conditions. He adds that we have not learned the lessons from the past natural calamities. Besides a dominant greed, lack of proper vision and initiative are the reasons for major destruction.

Both these experts conclude that lack of appropriate vision and good leadership are the reasons for the rising threat. The mindset of both the people and leaders should change on environment. Otherwise, cities have to suffer with natural calamities.

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