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Dialysis Care Scheme to citizens

Dialysis Care Scheme to citizens

Finance minister Arun Jaitley had announced national dialysis care scheme in the Union Budget to be implemented throughout the country. After 40 days of announcement of the scheme, the programme has rolled out.

Studies show that kidney failures have doubled in India for the last 15 years. The frequency of end-stage kidney disease is increasing each year.

The scheme which is a part of the National Health Mission is intended to provide dialysis care in all districts of the country and technical support for this scheme will be provided from national health systems resource centre (NHSRC).

The guidelines and model tender documents for establishing the dialysis centres under joint partnership of public and private sectors were released on Thursday. Using these guidelines and tender documents, state governments can invite tenders from private players for equipment to establish the centres.

The number of patients who are suffering from End Stage Kidney Diseases (ESKD) are increasing in the country. So, considering the need to set up more dialysis centres for their use, this initiative has taken by the government. The private players agreed that implementing the scheme under PPP model is a great boon. Yet at the same time, they feel the need for clarification in details regarding payment issues to service providers since it may impact services. Mainly the basis of payments should be worked on as ESKD care means not just providing dialysis. In this regards, many experts recommend the payment for such services should be based on a separate scheme which is combination of both the process and outcome measures.

Several measures have been taken by health ministry to support the primary healthcare system, primarily through district hospitals. Officials said that the main aim is to deliver affordable multispeciality care near home throughout the country so that accessibility would be increased while reducing the burden from tertiary care facilities.

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