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Defense ties between India and Ghana

Defense ties between India and Ghana

India and Ghana have agreed to cooperate with each other in order to combat terror. Both of the countries stated that terrorism is an international threat disrupting peace across the globe and agreed for better defense cooperation.

Both the countries have released a joint statement in response to this cooperation. The statement said that both countries have suffered because of terrorism with India being a victim of cross-border terrorism for a long time and Ghana being in an increasingly volatile region.

The joint statement said that International terrorism is a problem to the entire civilized world. The leaders of both nations have agreed for greater security and defense cooperation. The statement also said that both of them called for greater exchanges between the Kofi Annan UN Peacekeeping Centre, Accra, and the Centre for UN Peacekeeping, New Delhi.

This statement was released as President Pranab Mukherjee finished his two-day visit to the African country.

There have been increasing amount of threats for Ghana from Islamic State (ISIS) and Boko Haram militants. Both the terrorist groups have established their presence in the neighboring countries.

Indian President Mukherjee and Ghana president John Mahama both discussed several issues related to defense and security.

President Mukherjee finished his visit to Ghana and is on his way to Ivory Coast for the next part of his three-nation tour.

During his visit to the African country, the President made several announcements. The visit was also aimed to help Ghana with capacity building and human resource development. As part of the help, grant assistance of $1 million to the India-Ghana Kofi Annan Centre of Excellence in ICT was also offered. The center has been set up with Indian assistance of $2.86 million.

Furthermore, India also announced an increase in ITEC slots from 250 to 300. The ICCR full time scholarships have also been increased from 20 to 40.

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