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China threatens India about border issues

China threatens India about border issues

The border standoff between India and China has just reached its twentieth day, and the two countries could not be further off from a settlement of their conflict. Last week, China gave a vague, but certain, reference to the war between the two nations in 1962.

After hearing this, Arun Jaitley, the Indian Minister of Defense, replied by making it clear to the Chinese people that the strength of the Indian military has much increased since the previous conflict of fifty-five years ago. The media of China was outraged after this statement from Jaitley, after which followed another report from the Global Times.

This newspaper, run by the Chinese Communist Party-run newspaper, the People’s Daily, used every chance to make cutting retorts to the Defense Minister’s statement and to emphasize the power of China.

The article in the Global Times made no secret of their attempts to goad India into a second border conflict. The editorial directly said that India would have greater losses than it had back in 1962, as the only “actual difference” this conflict would hold to that one.

Also, they responded to the statement from Bipin Rawat, in his comment about India being ready for a “two and a half-front war”, which not only references China, but also Pakistan and other conflicts within the country. The article said that, despite Rawat’s statement, the Chinese people look down on the power of the Indian military.

The conflict over the border in the Donglang area began when Beijing ordered the building of a road in the Sikkim sector of that area, which violated an agreement between India and China made in 2012. However, despite this, neither country is accepting blame for the dispute.

The Chinese editorial sums up its display of power by saying that if the Indian troops do not retreat on their own, then the Chinese troops will force them to do so.

The article finishes off by saying that this time, China will teach India “a bitter lesson”.

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