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China: India wants to be wooed by all

China: India wants to be wooed by all

The Chinese state media talked about India’s decision to sign a logistic agreement with US. They said that the proposed deal has been stalled due to the distrust between the two because India wants to be the most beautiful woman who is wooed by all especially Washington and Beijing.

An article in the state run Global Times said that the speculation surrounding US-India alliance is a clear underestimation of India’s ambition for a role of swing state between superpowers. The article was published just as Indian defence minister Manohar Parrikar started his first visit to Beijing for talks with Chinese officials.

‘Indo-US strategic distrust stalls LSA signing’ was the title of the article which said that India would like to be in the position of the most beautiful woman wooed by all men, especially the two strongest: US and China.

The article further referred to the diplomatic maneuvering of India during the cold war time which it said gave the country a special role between the two competing countries.

The article also said that India needs to feel its way forward and try not to agitate China by crossing the bottom line which has led the country to not discuss the prospect of joint patrols in the South China Sea even though there was obvious interest and enthusiasm from America.

However, recently the US defence secretary Ashton Carter and his Indian counterpart have agreed in-principle that all the issues related to a Logistics Support Agreement (LSA) are resolved. They have announced that both sides would finalize the text in the coming weeks.

According to the report, even though there were various strategic issues covered in the visit, the topic of logistics agreement led to various speculations from international media that both sides are trying to contain China.

The main purpose of LSA is to share military bases for logistic purposes which includes refueling and repair.

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