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India top receiver of US economic aid

India top receiver of US economic aid

Recently released data has shown India to be the largest recipient of U.S economic aid over a 66-year period. The data was released in inflation-adjusted dollars. However, the pet allies of Washington, Israel and Pakistan, have comparatively received much more American assistance when spoke in terms of per capita.

The data was compiled and released recently by USAID. It shows that India received $ 65.1 billion under the economic help from the United States. The amount adjusted is based on inflation dollars. This total help was done within the period of 1946-2012. In the data released, Israel closely followed India by receiving $ 65 billion.

However, the noteworthy point is that Israel’s population is less than ten million compared to India’s 1.2 billion-plus. This means that Israel has received a hundred times more aid per capita than India. The economic assistance by U.S to India currently is just around $ 100 million. This is after New Delhi set itself to get far from aid and get close to trade in the 1990s.

The main difference between aid received by India and aid received by other U.S client states like Israel, Pakistan, Egypt, South Korea et al. is the American military help. In case of India, this is negligible, however that is not the case with the other countries.

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