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Sensex made a 25 percent gain in 2014-15

Sensex made a 25 percent gain in 2014-15

The financial year which ended recently is great news to many investors. The stock markets have kept reaching new peaks very frequently. The benchmark indices were up by 25 percent and the small and mid-cap indices gave much higher gains of 54 percent and 51 percent respectively during this financial year.

The worst performer among widely traded assets seemed to gold. It had almost 9 percent of decline throughout the year. The 25 percent jump recorded this year is the best fiscal year gain that has been witnessed since 2009-10. For the companies listed on BSE, the market capitalization increased by Rs.26 lakh crore in the fiscal reaching to around Rs.101.5 lakh crore.

The Sensex has even reached its all-time of 30,023 on March 3. The BSE healthcare index topped the gainers list with a jump of 71 percent during the fiscal. Pharmaceuticals majors Cipla and Sun Pharmaceuticals were among the top performers.

Sensex was dragged down somewhat due to the poor show of index heavyweights RIL and ITC. The stock of RIL has declined by 12 percent and ITC has lost 8 percent during the fiscal. These two companies have a 20 percent weightage on the Sensex. As a result, they became the biggest losers on the index.

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