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Centre issues new guidelines to curb misleading ads

Centre issues new guidelines to curb misleading ads

To curb misleading advertisements, the central government issued new guidelines. The Department of Consumer Affairs notified these new guidelines yesterday.

The new guidelines specify that advertisements for junk foods like chips, carbonated beverages, and other snacks and drinks should not be given during a programme intended for children. They also say that these advertisements shall not be allowed on a channel which is meant for children exclusively.

These guidelines also provide regulations for children-targeted advertisements and other advertisements that claim freebies. In addition to that, surrogate advertisements have been prohibited.

As per these guidelines, any advertisement of a product or service that targets children should not convey a wrong message that it is better than the natural or traditional food they are consuming. Thus, these advertisements should not mislead children. Besides, the products or goods made for children should not develop negative body image in them.

Furthermore, these advertisements should not offer promotional gifts to encourage children to buy these goods or products even though they are not needed. Thus, these guidelines aim to discourage goods that promote illogical consumerism among people, especially children.

These guidelines came into force with immediate effect. They have been issued under the Consumer Protection Act (CPA), 2019. There are provisions under the Act to handle misleading advertisements that affect the rights of consumers.

Violators of these guidelines will have to pay a penalty as per the provision of the Act. For the first-time violation, they have to pay ₹10 lakhs and thereafter ₹50 lakhs.

In addition to that, authorities can take action against them to prevent advertisers from making misleading advertisements.

The endorsers of misleading advertisements may be prohibited from making any such endorsements for up to 1 year. The prohibition can be extended up to 3 years for subsequent violations.

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