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Centre asks state to bring back migrant workers

Centre asks state to bring back migrant workers

The migrant workers in various states are in a chaotic and distressing condition due to the continuous lockdown in the country.

At last, their worries are noted by the government. The central government gave a nod for the movement of migrant workers who do not have symptoms of coronavirus to their home states. The states have been asked to formulate a plan to bring back their workers.

States should have to appoint nodal bodies and draft protocols for the movement of stranded people in other states including migrant labourers, students, pilgrims, tourists etc.

As per the Karnataka government, the estimated cost would be ₹10,000 per day for 25 people per bus. That means one lakh workers need 4,000 buses which would cost ₹4 crores.

In the present situation, it is difficult for states to spend such a huge amount on stranded people. Hence, many states including Bihar, Rajasthan, Maharashtra and some southern states requested the Centre to provide trains to ferry back these migrant workers.

While the guidelines of the central government say that these workers should go by road with the coordination among states, the states seek travel arrangements from the Centre.

More than 6 lakh migrant works wanted to go home in Rajasthan and they registered with the government. Before their travel, they have to undergo screening for COVID-19 symptoms. Only those who do not have any symptoms will be allowed to proceed.

Uttar Pradesh government initially arranged for the movement of 4 lakh migrant workers. However, the arrangements will be improved to quarantine more number of workers. Hence, they are making arrangements for 10 lakh people to provide shelter homes and quarantine facilities. The UP students who had been stuck in Delhi would also be brought back after the preparation of a list.

UP government brought back around 12,000 workers from Haryana and 11,500 students from Rajasthan’s Kota.

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