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Central government issues guidelines on monkeypox virus

Central government issues guidelines on monkeypox virus

While the number of COVID-19 cases is rising in the country, the first case of the monkeypox virus was detected in Kerala recently.

Children are more prone to infection. The symptoms of the monkeypox virus include fever, skin rashes, headache, muscle aches etc. However, it can lead to severe health complications in severely infected people.

The disease caused panic in many countries as it is highly contagious. In this context, the Centre issued guidelines for state governments and union territories.

Here is the list of guidelines issued by the central government on the monkeypox virus:

  • International passengers should avoid contact with sick people. Besides, they should avoid contact with dead or live animals like rats, squirrels, monkeys etc.
  • All suspects of the disease and close contacts of infected people should contact a doctor immediately to avoid transmission.
  • International passengers have been advised to refrain from eating meat from wild game. They should avoid products like lotions, creams, powders etc., derived from wild animals.
  • They should not use contaminated materials like clothing, towels, beddings etc., used by sick people.

Meanwhile, the Kerala government has taken steps to control the transmission of the monkeypox virus. It set up help desks in all international airports in the state.

The government organises extensive training programmes for doctors to prevent the monkeypox virus. It also provides training to officials to deal with the disease. The government deployed trained personnel at help desks to detect symptoms and provide necessary care to the patients.

It also asks symptomatic international travellers returning from countries where monkeypox was prevalent in the last three weeks should contact the help desks at the airports.

The state Health Ministry released a notification in this regard with phone numbers. If anyone finds the symptoms can call for the required help. 

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