You can apply for New LPG connection online

You can apply for New LPG connection online soon

You can apply for New LPG connection online soon

If you are looking to apply for a new LPG connection but find the process of meeting the dealer too time-taking and tedious, then here is some good news. Narendra Modi’s NDA government has promised ‘Acche Din’ (Good days) and it seems those days are about to come.

Now, you can apply for a new LPG connection via online portal. The public sector oil companies are planning to launch online facility soon. The aim of this move is to let consumers use the online system to get a connection easily from their home. With the launch of online portal, people no longer have to search for a nearby dealer and visit their office multiple times.

Furthermore, it is stated that the online option will soon be available on the websites of all state run oil retailers and the LPG portal of government, Pahal. Here customers can apply for a new gas connection. Once they have done the application, customers will receive an email within 48 hours. Once the customer has received their email, they can make online payment and finish the process in the next seven days. The launch of this digital process is part of the Acche Din promised by the government to create easier options for citizens.

Image Reference: Oneindia

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