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Bharat Bandh by Farmers ends peacefully

Bharat Bandh by Farmers ends peacefully

The Bharat Bandh call given by farmers against new farm laws ended peacefully. Shops stayed closed in many parts of the country. Transport facilities also were affected.

Emergency services like ambulances were exempted from the Bandh. In many parts of the country, banks also continued their operations. The Bandh was supported by many opposition parties and trade unions. While it affected many parts of the country, its major impact was seen in Delhi, Punjab, and Haryana.

Farmers claimed that the Bandh was successful as it impacted majorly in 25 states. The Bandh was observed in more than 10,000 places across the country. Farmers were happy on the success of their call for Bandh.

A group of farmers from Haryana met agriculture minister Narendra Singh Tomar day before yesterday and submitted their memorandum seeking the implementation of certain amendments in these laws. They requested the government for the continuation of MSP and mandis.

Meanwhile, a delegation of 13 people decided to meet Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Tuesday evening seeking a solution for their demands. Amit Shah invited them for talks. Farmers said that they would ask for a straight answer of yes or no for their demands, but no midway. They sought an urgent response.

Several rounds of talks of farmers have been going on with the Union ministers since the beginning of their protest against the new laws. Today, they will meet the ministers again for the sixth round of talks.

When asked whether the protestors would go to Burari ground, farmer leaders refused, saying that they won’t go to that place as it is an open jail. They demanded Ramlila Ground for their protest saying that they don’t want to trouble the local residents.

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