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Asiatic lions test COVID-19 positive

Asiatic lions test COVID-19 positive

Eight Asiatic lions at the Nehru Zoological Park in Hyderabad tested positive for COVID-19 yesterday. It is the first such reported case in the country.

Notably, the lions felt sick for a few days. As they exhibit COVID-19 like symptoms, their samples were collected from their nose, throat and respiratory tract. The RT-PCR test showed positive for COVID-19.

The government said that the lions were responding to treatment. Besides, based on past experiences, there was no factual evidence that animals could transmit COVID to humans. The government, in a statement, said that people need not panic as there were no cases in the past that zoo animals could transmit the virus to humans.

There were such incidences in other countries where zoo animals tested positive for COVID-19. Lions at the Bronx Zoo last April and snow leopards at the Louisville Zoo in December are examples of it. There are a few other cases also across the globe. But, in India, no such incident was reported.

The infection of lions at the zoo shocked many people as none of the domestic animals like dogs, cats etc. have tested positive for COVID-19 in the country.

As per the report of the New York Times, neither dogs nor cats could pass the virus to humans, as there was no documented report. However, cats can transmit the disease to other animals. Mink is the only animal that can transmit the virus to humans. It also can transmit the virus to animals.

In this context, CDC suggested some dos and don’ts while dealing with pets.

Masks are meant for humans only. Hence do not put a mask on pets. People should maintain distancing with pets, as they maintain it with other humans.

Pet owners should restrict their pet’s interaction with other people and outside their house.

Avoid pet walking in crowded places. Do not wipe your pet with chemical disinfectant or alcohol.

Avoid contact with your pets if you are tested positive for COVID-19.

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