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Aadhar deadline will be extended till Dec 31: Govt

Aadhar deadline will be extended till Dec 31: Govt

These days, Aadhar has become mandatory for many things.

For instance linking of Aadhar card with PAN is one such thing.

But, several taxpayers are still facing problems in linking them due to minor changes like no middle name in the Aadhar card, wrong birth number or date etc.

Central government made it obligatory to obtain social welfare schemes also. Various petitioners challenged this move of government.

It is not the first time petitions were filed on Aadhar. Since 2015, many petitions had been filed in the Court on various Aadhar issues.

The Apex Court has been hearing various petitions since 2015 on the validity and other issues of Aadhar.

Last week, the Supreme Court ruled that privacy is a fundamental right to the extent of certain restrictions.

In this scenario, yesterday, the Apex Court stated that it will resume hearing on the Aadhar issues in November first week.

Before the statement, K K Venugopal, Attorney General informed the Court that the government will extend the deadline to provide Aadhar details to December 31 to get benefits of different social welfare schemes of government.

Earlier, the deadline was set for September 30. Then, the bench which is headed by Chief Justice Dipak Misra said that there was no urgency to hear on this matter immediately and so the hearing will be resumed in November first week.

Senior advocate Shyam Divan, represented various petitioners who challenged the Indian government’s move to make Aadhar mandatory for everything. He cited the matter before the bench. The petitioners sought early hearing on the issue.

But, as the government said that it would extend the deadline to furnish Aadhar details, the court postponed the hearing till November.

The government saluted the verdict of the Court stating that it agrees with the view of Court that privacy is a fundamental right.

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