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550 jobs reduced every day for the past four years

550 jobs reduced every day for the past four years

According to a new study, 550 jobs have disappeared every day in the last four years. The study says that if such a trend continues, the number of jobs would go down by 7 million by 2050. The study was conducted by Delhi based civil society group PRAHAR.

The group stated that farmers, petty retail vendors, contract laborers and construction workers are the most vulnerable sections in this trend. People of this sector are facing the brunt of this threat at present.

Looking at other statistics, the data from Labour Bureau early 2016 says that India created only 1.35 lakh jobs in 2015 while it created 4.19 lakh in 2013 and 9 lakh in 2011. This is indeed a huge drop.

According to the statement from the study, more livelihoods are being lost in India instead of growing every day. The data clearly shows that job creation in India has gone down a lot.

The statement says that unemployment is increasing because sectors which provide the most number of jobs are the ones which are affected the most and are being neglected. Agriculture happens to provide about 50 per cent of employment in India. SME sector employs 40 per cent of the workforce of the country.

In India, the organized sector only provides less than 1 percentage of employment. There are about 30 million jobs in the organized sector while the un-organized one has about 440 million.

According to statistics from World Bank, agriculture used to provide 60 percent of total employment in 1994. It reduced to 50 percent in 2013. The labor intensity of small and medium enterprises is four times more than large firms.

According to the statement, India needs to protect its roots like farming, unorganized retail, micro and small enterprises. These are the sectors which provide 99 per cent of livelihoods in the country at present.

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