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Protect Yourself Against These 5 Health Ailments

Protect Yourself Against These 5 Health Ailments

Health issues can affect anyone, anytime. Yet, when it comes to preparedness for health issues, we believe we don’t need to worry. Why? Because we try to stay as fit and healthy as possible, miles away from any severe health conditions. Did you know that, in India, over 20 lakh people get diagnosed with diseases mentioned in the critical illness list every year? Unfortunately, due to late diagnosis, several people die of these health conditions each year.

Life is uncertain and so are diseases. Who can guess what happens to us in the future? Our busy lifestyle and irregular work hours make us miss out on self-care, compromising our health. Remember, Irfan Khan? The famous Bollywood actor, who has won so many hearts with his acting, battled with Neuro-Endocrine Tumour? Fortunately, he got diagnosed early, and he could fight back.

However, up to 50% of all ailments under the critical illness list can be preventable, according to the World Health Organisation (WHO). Lifestyle changes improve your health and put you at a lesser risk of developing health conditions. But being prepared to tackle any health issue is a necessity. A critical illness (CI) cover comes handy in situations when sickness sneaks upon us. We hope not, but if you get diagnosed with a condition from the critical illness list, CI covers give you a lump sum amount for all your health and family needs.

.Let’s talk about how you can prevent yourself against these five health ailments:

Five health ailments

Five health ailments

1. Apallic Syndrome

It is a type of coma in which a breakdown occurs in the function of the brain’s cortex. In simple terms, someone with severe brain damage suffers from apallic syndrome. The patient continues to stay in a wakeful unconscious state that usually lasts more than a few weeks. Intensive medical supervision with medication is needed to survive this syndrome. With the rise in medical costs, it can be troublesome to continue the finances for proper care. Please don’t compromise with your life and get an insurance that includes apallic syndrome under their critical illness list.

2.Muscular Dystrophy

A collective group of over 30 noninflammatory but progressive muscle disorders that lead to muscle weakness and degeneration. Over time, it affects breathing and heart functions, which leads to life-threatening complications. Be prepared with a critical illness cover as it helps you avoid spending on treatment costs from your own pocket and afford necessary therapies and drug treatments. When you consider getting yourself insurance, make sure that it covers this condition under its critical illness list and relieve yourself and your family from the financial burdens that the treatment can bring.

3.Medullary Cystic Kidney Disease (MCKD)

This variant of nephronophthisis (NPH) medullary cystic disease is an autosomal dominant disorder that affects kidneys. MCKD impacts not just your health but also your mental and emotional state. It affects every aspect of your life: social to financial. Managing an illness as serious as MCKD takes a toll on your finances since it seeks long term care. It becomes crucial that you choose insurances that cover this disease under their critical illness list so that you and your loved ones have one less thing to worry about.

4.Aplastic Anaemia

Aplastic anemia is a new addition to the critical illness list. It is a syndrome of bone marrow failure. Aplastic anemia is a rare and severe condition that can develop at any age. It may occur slowly and worsen over a long period of time. Treatments include medications, stem cell transplants and blood transfusions, which can get too expensive to afford over time. To live a healthy future, insure yourself with a critical illness cover and gift yourself peace of mind.

5.Progressive Supranuclear Palsy (PSP)

Recently added to the critical illness list, Progressive Supranuclear Palsy is a neurodegenerative disease that impairs cognitive abilities. It causes major problems with walking, balance and eye movements. The diagnosis is purely clinical. Treatments like Botulinum injections, physical and occupational therapies focus on managing and easing the symptoms. To live with a chronic disease can be exhausting and financially draining, this where having a critical illness cover helps take care of the treatment costs and safeguard your savings.

Fighting an illness is one thing, and battling the mounting expenses owed to the progressive nature of a disorder is another. Therefore, you need to have a financial safety net in the form of term insurance with critical illness cover. Term plans with reputable insurers such as Max Life Insurance help you handle the loss of a loved one. These plans combine the benefits of life insurance with critical illness cover to help you protect yourself against conditions under the critical illness list to take care of the hospital and related costs. Live life to the max and shield yourself with critical illness cover for when times get tough!
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