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Features of Maternity Health Insurance

Features of Maternity Health Insurance

Motherhood and giving birth to a child is a big responsibility. The phase of motherhood is a magical journey which involves several complications as well.

At the same time, it involves a lot of expenses for the health of the mother and the newborn.

Maternity health insurance is a type of insurance which covers all pregnancy-related expenses.

It provides coverage for maternity as well as supplementary expenses. Pre and post-natal care are offered under insurance.

The Maternity Benefit Act supervises the services under maternity health insurance.

Here are some important features of Maternity Health Insurance:

  • Maternity health insurance covers hospitalization charges. These include all expenses related to pregnancy, pre-hospitalization expenses up to 30 days before delivery and post-hospitalization expenses up to 60 days after the childbirth.
  • The insurance covers newborn care. If newborn babies are diagnosed with any kind of critical illnesses, they will be covered under the insurance.
  • Maternity insurance plans generally cover maternity-related expenses after 2- 6 policy years. However, group health insurance plans normally cover after 9 months.
  • The sum insured is related to the premium amount. The higher the sum insured, the more the premium will be.
  • The premium rates will also vary based on the age at entry, risk factors, location etc. If it is a group policy, the number of employees will also be considered.
  • Ambulance charges in times of emergencies are covered under this insurance.
  • Cashless hospitalization facility is available across the country at select hospitals.
  • Some insurance plans also offer extra coverage for certain day-care procedures and other treatments.

The insurance coverage varies with the insurer. Insurance companies normally exclude the following:

  • Pre-existing diseases are not covered.
  • Any illness or disease that is contracted in the first 30 days.
  • Costs occurred for non-allopathic treatment.
  • Hospitalization expenses due to self-inflicted injury and drug or alcohol consumption.
  • The insurance does not cover aesthetic treatment or treatment for congenital diseases.
  • Infertility treatment cost or IVF.

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