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Ways to prevent dementia

Ways to prevent dementia

Memory is one of the most important aspects of the human brain, since it stores all of the information we learn and gather in life experiences. It allows us to learn, better ourselves, and define ourselves from our experiences. However, memory loss is a fairly common detriment among people, especially when reaching older ages.

Dementia is one of the most common and well-known memory loss conditions, in which a person’s ability to think and remember declines over time. However, there are several things one can do while younger to prevent acquiring dementia when older. These are seven things to do to help prevent dementia:

Always keep searching for new things to learn and experience. Keeping one’s memory fresh is perhaps the most important thing to do to prevent memory loss. An active brain allows an active memory.

Be sure to seek help from a doctor if you feel that your hearing has been getting worse. Hearing loss has been shown to be connected to dementia, so be sure to seek professional help about it.

High blood pressure is also highly associated with dementia. Therefore, if you experience high blood pressure, make some healthier lifestyle changes such as a better diet, an increased amount of exercise, and the like. Also seek professional help about the issue, especially if your blood pressure is particularly high.

High blood sugar is also associated with dementia, so if you have diabetes, be sure to keep your blood sugar levels well under control.

Obesity has also been shown to be linked to dementia. If you are obese, do everything you can to keep your weight under control, be it a better diet, more exercise, or any other method of weight loss. Professional help is also advised, especially if the obesity is caused by a mental issue, such as nervous eating.

Be sure to exercise regularly, no matter your state of health. Brisk walking or jogging for a minimum of thirty minutes per day can help the activity of your brain cells, which decreases the risk of dementia.

Lastly, as is the case with many conditions, be sure to avoid cigarettes and other dangerous drugs.

Smokers have been shown to have a higher risk of acquiring dementia, so if you are a smoker, look for a doctor to help you quit smoking.

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