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Ways to increase your appetite

Ways to increase your appetite

Although it is a common problem for people to eat too much and need weight loss, others have a problem of eating too little and needing weight gain. These people, try as they might, cannot increase their appetite and put on weight, and so, these are some ways to help people do so.

• Exercise, such as weight lifting and cardio exercises, can increase appetite by affecting two hormones: ghrelin and peptide YY. The former incites hunger and the latter has control over it.

A healthy breakfast increases metabolism after the night’s fast, which is importance to the inducing of hunger.

• Eating a small meal is less daunting on the mind than a large meal, and it also gives the body enough food to digest in enough time. Eating too much food at once is what results in conditions like obesity, and small meals help avoid that issue.

• Common, less healthy snacks such as potato chips or cheese snacks can be replaced with healthier snacks such as bananas or other fruits. They daunt the mind less and give a healthy mass gain.

• Exercise methods must vary so the body does not get used to one routine, thus spiking hunger and metabolism more. Innovative exercises, such as swimming, can also spike the metabolism as the body is less used to them.

• Cooler temperatures have a natural increase on appetite, since the body desires food for maintaining body temperature; thus, remain in cooler temperatures for most of the time.

• Eating with people can seem less challenging to the mind, so invite people around often, and switch up the company to provide variety. This will both increase one’s appetite and the social activity of the situation.

Ways to increase your appetite

Ways to increase your appetite

• Vary recipes to fit what you feel like eating, as monotony can easily lead to an appetite decrease. The taste buds trying new foods will get them to hunger for more.

• Drinking is less daunting than eating and causes less problems, especially if you are a traveler. Liquid substitutes for solid foods in the form of thick drinks are excellent, such as shakes or smoothies in place of fruits.

• Psychologically, people often find self-cooked food more delicious than food from another source, so try making the food yourself. Even learning to cook can increase appetite as you explore the recipes.

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