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Ways to avoid mosquito bites

Ways to avoid mosquito bites

Mosquitoes are very annoying as they can not only disrupt your peaceful times, but also cause many dangerous diseases. In the monsoons, the number of mosquitoes roaming around increases a lot.

However, here are some methods you can use to fight of the irritating mosquito bites.

Eucalyptus oil

Use a few drops of this oil to your bath water. The smell of this oil is pleasant for human beings but makes the mosquitoes run away.

Don’t put yourself in sweaty situations

Try to make sure that you don’t sweat a lot. Cut down on foods that can cause more sweat. Mosquitoes are attracted to the scent of the sweat. The sweatier you are, the more likely you are attacked.

Avoid mosquito habitats

There are certain areas where the mosquito population is usually high. These places include locations with stagnant or contaminated water.

Cover yourself up more

This one is quite obvious, but it works. Cover your sleeves and legs as best as possible. Try to use cotton clothes rather materials like satin.

Try a lemon balm

Using a lemon balm keeps mosquito bites away. Use the juice of a lemon to massage your skin. The smell of the lemon repels mosquitoes away.

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