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Warning signs of diabetes in women

Warning signs of diabetes in women

Diabetes is a common condition. It gradually affects your organs and ultimately puts your life into risk. Since it runs in families, one can manage and prevent it if diagnoses early.

Women in their 40s are more vulnerable to develop diabetes than their counterparts as per some studies. There are certain signs and symptoms of diabetes. Observe these warning signs and prevent diabetes as much as you can with a healthy lifestyle and exercise.

Here is a list of some warning signs of diabetes in women:

  • Vaginal yeast infection may be a sign of the onset of diabetes. The imbalance of insulin leads to yeast infections which can be revealed by white discharge and itching. You should not ignore urinary tract infections as well.
  • Extreme thirst is a sign of diabetes. If you are drinking more water and still feel thirsty, then check your blood sugar.
  • Frequent urination is another common symptom of diabetes.
  • If a wound is healing slowly, then it may be a sign of diabetes.
  • Diabetes can affect gums and teeth. High glucose levels can make your gums tender and damage the teeth. Also, bad breath is a warning sign.
  • Mood swings are another sign. It may be a symptom of menopause as well. Hence, if your moods are changing very frequently and hinder your productivity, then go for a diabetes test.
  • Fatigue and overtiredness without any reason may be an initial sign of diabetes.
  • High glucose levels can lead to inflammation of the eye lens due to which your vision is affected. So, if your eyesight is blurred, then it is better to check blood sugar levels.
  • Skin infections, especially in the neck and groin areas are another warning symptom. Excess sweat in the skin folds can cause itching and skin infections. You should not ignore dark spots around neck, armpits and groin areas.
  • Other warning signs include unexplained weight loss or gain, sexual dysfunction, lack of sex drive, numbness in the hands and feet.

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