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Tips to get rid of grey hair

Tips to get rid of grey hair

Whether it is due to pollution or any reason, having grey hair can be quite stressful. Many young people these days are finding grey hair on them to their surprise. Grey hair occurs when the pigment melanin is not sufficient.

Remember that having premature greying is not a sign of a disease. It could be very well due to genetics or stress. Here are some tips to get rid of grey hair permanently.

Amla Oil

Amla is a rich source of Vitamin C. Start using this oil on your hair. It reduces the chances of hair greying early. In order to make this oil, boil pieces of dried amla in coconut or olive oil.

Onion Paste

Onion paste is also good for your hair. Onions have an enzyme called Catalase. The enzyme helps in increase the production of melanin. Create a paste of onions and apply it on your scalp. Apply this paste every week and you should be seeing improvement soon.

Curry Leaves

Curry leaves have a lot of B complex vitamins. They are also rich in selenium and zinc which helps build melanin complex. You can make an oil by boiling curry leaves in coconut oil till they turn black. Filter out the leaves and the oil can be applied to scalp for effect.


Methi, called fenugreek in English is considered to be a natural home remedy for grey hair. Soak these seeds in water overnight and make a paste out of it. The paste can be applied as a hair mask before taking a shower.

Black Tea

Black tea is very good for hair. Simply massage your scalp with black tea. Due to the caffeine in it, black tea can promote hair growth. It also works as a natural dye. Another option is to use Henna, which is an herbal dye famous in India.

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