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Superfoods for post workout

Super foods for post workout

Working out is an essential part of staying fit and healthy. During a workout, the body burns fuel from any food that was eaten beforehand, breaking down the stored glycogen in the body.

Therefore, within the first 45 minutes after a workout, the body is particularly good at absorbing carbohydrates and protein.

Eating protein and carbohydrates after a workout is especially good for muscle building. The body requires specific nutrients for muscle repair after rigorous physical activity. Hence, eat good foods after exercise.

These are some of the best superfoods to eat after working out.

Greek yogurt has twice the amount of carbohydrates and protein in normal yogurt, and its dairy content makes it rich in calcium as well. Yogurt can be mixed with cereals and fruits, both of which pack more nutrients into the yogurt and taste great when mixed with it.

Chocolate milk is an excellent beverage to drink after a workout, since it contains large amounts of carbohydrates and protein needed for muscle recovery. Additionally, the liquid can replace the lost sweat fluids, and the milk can provide calcium for the body.

Milk can also be paired with bananas instead of chocolate, such as in a banana milk smoothie, which balances the protein and carbohydrate content in the body. While the milk gives the body the calcium it needs, the bananas provide the body with potassium, which helps cells function properly.

Salmon is an excellent dish to eat after a workout, since it is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which help soothe post-workout muscle inflammation. Instead of butter, add olive oil to the salmon, which increases the dose of healthy fats.

Sweet potatoes are another great food to eat after working out, since they are rich in carbohydrates. Sweet potatoes are also rich in fiber, which can keep the body full for a longer period of time.

Fruits are filled with several beneficial nutrients, including carbohydrates. Some fruits, such as pineapples, have anti-inflammatory properties, which help muscles recover. Other fruits, such as kiwis, help the body digest food better.

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