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Signs of poor blood circulation

Signs of poor blood circulation

Blood circulation is one of the most important things for the human body. Every moment, around six liters of blood flows through your body. You can imagine how dangerous it would be if there are problems with blood circulation. However, most of the times blood circulation problems don’t show up easily. Here are some signs you can use to detect poor blood circulation.

Cold hands and feet

Blood circulation plays a vital role in keeping your body warm. Cold hands and feet can mean poor blood circulation.

Hands and feet swelling

Poor blood circulation can affect kidneys which can result in swelling of hands and feet known as odema.


Due to lesser amount of oxygen and nutrients to your muscles, you will start to feel tired very easily. You will also have sore muscles and less endurance because of poor blood circulation.

Erectile dysfunction

Erections occur when blood flows to your erectile tissue. With poor blood circulation, you might find yourself facing erectile dysfunction.

Digestive issues

You gastrointestinal tract gets affected with poor blood circulation. This can result in digestive issues.

Improper brain function

Poor blood circulation can result in improper brain function. It can make you feel dizzy. You will find yourself lacking concentration and have impaired memories.

Weaker immune system

Without proper blood circulation, your immune system will not be able to fight off foreign bodies easily.

This can make you more disease prone.

Loss of Appetite

Poor blood circulation to the liver will result in improper hunger signals. This prevents you from having proper appetite. You may even find yourself losing weight.

Discoloration of skin

Since the skin tissue does not get enough oxygen, your skin becomes more purple or blue. You might have a bruised look on your toes and fingers.

Other signs include hair loss, varicose veins, and leg ulcers.

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