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Signs of childhood depression

Signs of childhood depression

Depression is one of the serious psychological conditions seen in many people in these days. Often it is difficult to find the signs of depression in children. Many parents are not able to differentiate the general unhappiness from childhood depression due to similarity between the symptoms of both the situations. That’s why childhood depression is ignored and left untreated which leads to severe evil effects in their later life.

So, be aware of the depression signs in children to treat it in early stages. These signs or behavioral changes are shown in the children all of sudden.

Extreme fatigue in your child even after sufficient rest may be a sign of depression.

Getting poor marks may be one of the signs of depression. It leads to loss of focus and concentration.

Showing isolation behavior is a sign of depression. The depression in child hinders them to interact with others. Hence, the depressed children do not show interest in mingling with groups and other people. They prefer to stay in the room throughout the day.

Feeling worthless is another sign of depression. If your child says “no one cares about me” frequently, it shows the sign of depression.

Depressed children show indifference towards happy incidents. Furthermore, they will not respond to their parents’ affection.

Lack of appetite can also be a sign of childhood depression. Many children do not show interest in taking proper food in depressed state. They are unable to express their situation to their parents as well.

Interaction and socialization problems reveal depression in children.

Showing aggressive behavior despite his/her original cool nature can be a sign of depression.

If your child shows any one or all of the above signs, consult a physician to check the status of your child. But, that does not mean your child is certainly suffering with depression. It may be an indication of the depression.

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