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Popular Health Myths

Popular Health Myths

Many people have certain beliefs regarding their health.

Whether it is about water, organic food, exercise or anything else, they learn to believe some myths they hear from several sources.

They are rooted in their minds.

Here are some popular health myths that many people believe:

  • Spending more time in colder areas does not give you cold. In fact, one study shows that spending more time in cold temperatures above the freezing level improved immunity system and virus fighting activity.
  • You may have heard that you need regular intake of multivitamins as your diet does not contain all the required vitamins. But, this is not true for normal and healthy people. They may get all nutrients by taking a balanced diet. Only for pregnant women and other people who are under malnutrition, multivitamins are essential.
  • Many people believe that eggs increase the risk of heart disease. But, eating one or two eggs does not increase the risk in normal people. People who have high cholesterol levels should minimize their usage or stay away from yolks.
  • Drinking eight glasses of water daily can keep health. But drinking water alone cannot keep you healthy as it varies with each person. So, drink as much water as you require. If you live in hot climate, or if you work more you need more water. Not just water, but water rich foods like juices, soups, fruits and vegetables will also keep you healthy.
Popular Health Myths

Health Myths

  • Many people think sugar makes children hyperactive. One study showed that it is not just consumption of sugary food which causes hyperactive behaviour in children. Several other reasons are also associated with it.
  • Several people think that antiperspirants and deodorants can cause breast cancer. But the National Cancer Institute says that there is no evidence that shows that they can lead to breast cancer.

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