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Do not do these things after quitting smoking

Do not do these things after quitting smoking

Fighting your addiction is a very tough battle. Conquering over the withdrawal symptoms is not an easy task. If you have managed to quit smoking, then congratulations, you have done a great job. However, there are certain things you shouldn’t do after quitting smoking to keep your victory safe.

Lower caffeine levels

It is better to stay from coffee for a few days after quitting. Drinking coffee can cause more stimulation for having a smoke. So, avoid the temptation and stop drinking coffee for at least 3-4 days.


Alcohol is one of the biggest triggers for you to smoke. It makes you want to smoke again. Wait a few months after quitting before you start drinking alcohol.

Lower stress

When you feel stressed, you will immediately start looking at smoking as a way to get rid of it. It is a bad idea. Try to avoid stressful situations.

Challenging tasks

Try not to do any challenging tasks till you get over your withdrawal phase. Doing such tasks can make you want to smoke again.


Spending time with your loved ones is a good idea to overcome withdrawal symptoms. However, do not enter into arguments and increase your stress.

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