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Neck stretches for quick relaxation

Neck stretches for quick relaxation

Neck pain is one of the biggest problems for many people.

Those whose job involves sitting and working for long hours often have neck pain. Such neck pain can be very troubling and distracting.

It can even become long term.

In order to prevent such pain, there are simple steps that can be taken. If you are working with a computer, adjust your monitor to the right height to avoid straining your neck.

Here are some easy neck stretches for you to do to get relief from neck pain.

Neck Turns

This is a simple exercise. Just turn your neck to the left, take a deep breath and then slowly turn it to the right.

Repeat the exercise five times each side. This is a quick way to get relief from neck pain in your office.

Neck Long Turn

Bend your neck in such a way that your chin touches your chest.

Slowly turn your neck to the right and left touching your ears to shoulder.

Repeat this exercise five times each side.

Stand Neck Stretch

For this exercise, you need to stand straight and keep your feet wide.

Slowly bend your head so that your right ear reaches your shoulder and bring it back.

Repeat this step to your left side.

Do this exercise six or seven times each side. It is very effective in relieving the pain.

Back Neck Stretch

Place your hands behind your back.

Hold left hand tight with right hand.

Now bend your right ear until it reaches your right shoulder.

After changing the hand position, repeat this on the other side.

Clasp Neck Stretch

Sit straight and comfortable before you start this.

Put your palms behind your head.

Now pull them slowly towards your thighs.

Stay in that position for few times and release.

Repeat this exercise for about 5 times to get rid of the pain.

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