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Many Health Benefits for Mustard Seeds

Many Health Benefits for Mustard Seeds

Mustard seeds are very popular as seasoning in Indian cuisine. They are roasted in oil along with other spices till they pop to add additional flavour to curries. The chutney made with mangoes, red chilli powder and powdered mustard seeds along with mustard oil is very popular in South Indian cuisine.
Mustard seeds contain all Vitamins except D and minerals like calcium, potassium, iron, zinc etc.. There are many health benefits with mustard seeds.

Health Benefits of Mustard Seeds  :

1. Mustard seeds contain selenium and magnesium in high quantities which are very effective in controlling cold and asthma.
2. The high magnesium levels of these seeds help control blood pressure and lower the frequency of migraine attacks.
3. Mustard seeds are packed with phytonutrients. They prevent cancer of gastrointestinal tract.
4. They are a rich source of Omega-3 fatty acids. They prevent heart attacks.
5. The antioxidants in mustard seeds protect body from free radicals and keeps ageing at bay.
6. They help in weight loss and controlling blood cholesterol levels.
7. The paste of mustard seeds relieves rheumatic and arthritic pains.
8. One of the main elements of mustard seeds is effective against skin infections due to its anti-fungal properties.
9. Due to the dietary fibre they contain, mustard seeds improve metabolism and digestion.
10. Soaking the legs in a warm water by adding adequate mustard seeds or powder can relieve sole, feet and ankle sprains. This is effective for whole body pains too.
However, due to their heat inducing property, it is advisable to use them in a limited proportion.

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