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Make healthy alkaline water

Make healthy alkaline water

Have you heard of alkaline water? It is a health drink made with natural, organic things like vegetable. The purpose of this drink is to help your body function better.

Sometimes, the body’s pH might change. If there is a lack of alkalinity, the body becomes vulnerable to diseases. You can drink this water whenever you want to get better..

If the acid levels in your body increases, you would feel tired and have many complications.

Drinking alkaline water keeps your body well balanced. Here is how you can make this healthy and delicious drink.

In order to make this drink, you just need a cucumber, a lemon, and some mint leaves along with a small piece of ginger.

The first step is to cut the cucumber into slices. Then cut the lemon into smaller pieces as well, preferably into quarters. Then you slice the ginger into tiny pieces.

Mix all the sliced pieces in to a jug of water along with mint leaves. Keep the mix together for a while and store it in a cool dry place. The ingredients need to be soaked in water overnight for full benefit.

This is how you make alkaline water. It is best to drink this water in the morning after waking up. This easily helps balance your acid levels so you feel better in the day.

Make sure you soak this water overnight to get the essence of the ingredients completely into the water.

Although it is preferred to drink it in the morning, you can definitely carry the drink around in a bottle and drink it all through the day. You can even refill the bottle with new water once you finish it and keep the ingredient. However, make sure you eat the ingredients or throw them away by evening. Always use fresh vegetables for next day.

This is how you consume alkaline water and improve your health.

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