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Binge on ginger

Binge on ginger

This shapeless, brown stem is rooting for your health! Its Vitamin C, magnesium and other mineral content is making it an awesome source of health food.

• It relieves nausea. It will attack the retching or heaving linked with motion sickness.
• It helps to boost digestion and ingestion of food. Even bloating can be reduced with ginger tea.
• You can bring down inflammation, especially muscle and joint pains. Use it to soothe inflammation.
• You can fight respiratory problems as well as congestion associated with the common cold.
• Ginger tea pulls out the dagger to fight environmental allergies.
• It also helps to improve your blood circulation, with the vitamins, minerals and amino acids that would decrease your chance of facing cardiovascular problems.
• Ginger can even prevent fat from depositing in the arteries, which would abort heart attacks and strokes.
• Ginger could help to remove menstrual problems. Dipping a cloth in warm ginger tea and patting your lower abdomen would relieve the pain and relax the muscles.
• The calming properties of ginger will reduce your stress. This is mainly because of the strong combination of the aroma as well as its healing properties.
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