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How to lose weight with Navratri Thali

How to lose weight with Navratri Thali

Many people observe severe fasting during Navratri in the day which is followed by a feast. They think that fasting keeps people hungry as a result they will become weak. But the fasting helps them to lose weight and keeps them healthy as they consume only fresh vegetables, fruits, milk, yogurt etc. in these days. However, many delicacies in these days are prepared with ghee and butter and offered to the deity.

Many Ayurvedic doctors advise that following a healthy diet during Navratri keeps you healthy actually. Furthermore, it cleanses toxins from the body. People need to consume a high fiber and low fat diet for this.

Health experts advise this list of food you need to consume during Navratri for a healthy diet.

Instead of ghee you can use olive oil to cook vegetables. It is advised to avoid fried foods but other cooking methods like boiling, steaming, roasting and grilling can be used.

Always prefer to eat yogurt mixed with fresh vegetables like raita of cucumber, raita of tomato etc. to eliminate constipation problems. Use low fat milk or curd.

Make a Fruit chaat with your choice of fruits like apple, pear and papaya. It helps you control your weight. Opting for chapattis rather than puris is also a good way to lose your weight.

You can eat buckwheat roti or semak rice but do not prepare it with too much ghee.

Consume as many as liquids and fluids like vegetable soups, herbal or green tea and lassi to detoxify the toxins from your body. It also helps to retain adequate fluid levels in your body. You can eat fresh fruits as well to gain fiber. But stay away with consumption of milkshakes and fruit juices.

Rather than consuming foods after larger gaps, consume frequent mini meals like fruits, roasted peanuts etc. It eliminates heat from your body.

Consume coconut water and lemon water frequently by adding a little rock salt rather than sugar.

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