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Home Remedies to quit smoking

Home Remedies to quit smoking

Smoking is not just harmful to persons who have the habit but to the environment as well. Studies showed smoking contributes to nearly 25 per cent of deaths each year in the age group of 30-60 years across the globe.

Though it is difficult to quit smoking, one can do so if they have strong willpower.

Here are certain home remedies to quit smoking:

  • Ajwain seeds help quit smoking. Whenever you get the craving for tobacco, start chewing ajwain seeds. It aids to stay away from tobacco addiction.
  • You might see withdrawal symptoms when you try to quit smoking. Nausea is one symptom among them. Use peppermint to get relief from nausea. It also has an anaesthetic effect on the body. Hence, chew a few leaves of peppermint whenever you crave a smoke.
  • Cinnamon soothes your craving for smoking. Take a piece of cinnamon and keep sucking for a minute to calm your mind.
  • Chew few basil leaves two times in a day to control your smoking habit. Basil leaves also reduces the ill effects of tobacco on your body.
  • Prepare small balls with amla, ginger and turmeric powder. Consume these balls whenever you feel like smoking.
  • Ashwagandha is very helpful to reduce anxiety. Consume 1 tablespoon of powder each day to reduce tobacco usage.
  • Calamus is an herb. Consume its powder with ghee to stay away from smoking habit.
  • Consume chamomile tea to calm nerves and reduce the urge of smoking.
  • Some recent studies showed that stevia blocks craving signals of the body and helps treat smoking addiction. Make a fine powder with the dried leaves of stevia.
  • Honey is also an effective remedy to control the urge for smoking.
  • Consume the mixture of radish juice and honey to strengthen your nerves and reduce the craving for a cigarette.

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