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Health Risks of overuse of mobile phones

Health Risks of overuse of mobile phones

Technology is everywhere these days. We cannot live without using technology as it is a part of our lives. Depending on technology eases life, but too much dependence on its spoils not just your relationships but also your health and overall life.

Can you imagine your life without a mobile phone? It is everything now. But beware, too much use of mobile phones may spoil your health. Here are some risks associated with the over usage of mobile phones.

Cellphones emit radio waves which can adversely affect the health of users. Even though the existing evidence does not support the increased cancer risk with usage of mobile phones, it can have potential risk in developing brain cancer in children with the use of mobile phones over the years.

Several studies have revealed that excessive use of cellphones is one of the major reasons for sleep deprivation.

The radio emissions from cellphones are also associated with cardiac diseases. They can also damage the functioning of heart and diminish RBC count.

The exposure to cell phones lead to male infertility. This is due to exposure to the electromagnetic radiation of devices. So, be careful while you carry your mobile in your pant pockets.

The over usage of your mobile phone can make you deaf. Research indicates that the constant exposure to mobile phone and its electromagnetic radiation can decrease hearing function.

Using mobile phones while driving or crossing a road increases the risk of accidents. Of course, this may be not directly associated with the use of cellphone, but here, tendency of users and in using cellphone even while they are crossing roads may lead to accidents.

Apart from texting, many mobile users are using their mobile phones to read e-books, browsing and web surfing. It puts a lot of strain on your eyes particularly when you read in darkness. As a result, eye problems including dry eyes, irritation and reddening are common.

Have you seen the risks of over use of your cellphones? So, try to reduce and use only when you need it really.

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