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Health Benefits of Pea Milk

Health Benefits of Pea Milk

Pea milk is made from peas. It is one of the latest dairy alternatives to those who are lactose intolerant.

Just like soy milk and almond milk, pea milk is also nutritious. Pea milk does not taste like peas and it is made from pea protein which is obtained from yellow peas.

Pea milk consists of 8g of protein for each serving. It provides 50 percent more calcium than normal milk. Furthermore, it does not have sugar.

Pea milk is also available in the market with calcium and vitamin D. Since it does not contain fat, vegetable oil is added to the pea milk to make it creamier.

It is extremely low in saturated fat, hence ideal for people who are health conscious.

Pea milk is sold in the name of plant protein milk in the market.

Different variants of pea milk are available in the market like sweetened, unsweetened, chocolate, vanilla etc.

The process of making pea milk is quite different from that of almond milk.

To make pea milk, yellow peas are grounded to flour which is then processed. Then pea protein is separated from it which is then purified and is blended with water and other ingredients like sunflower oil, sea salt and vitamins.

Pea milk has following health benefits:

  • Pea milk has the highest amount of protein compared to other plant-based milk alternatives. The protein is almost equal to the protein content of cow’s milk.
  • It helps promoting weight loss due to its richness in proteins.
  • Pea milk is a good alternative for people who are susceptible to allergies.
  • It is loaded with several nutrients like calcium, potassium, iron etc.
  • It is low in calories as one cup of unsweetened pea milk contains only 70 calories compared to skim milk which has 87 calories.
  • Unsweetened pea milk is good for diabetics also.
  • The process of making pea milk emits less greenhouse gases, so it is environment-friendly.

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