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Health benefits of Jeera


Do you know Jeera (Cumin seeds) have many health benefits? Read on to learn about its wonders:

  • Jeera improves the immunity of human body because of the anti-oxidants in them.
  • Jeera can help women with irregular periods in regulating their menstrual cycle.
  • It is a natural laxative agent which can help you with indigestion problems.
  • It is good for diabetics because of its property to maintain or reduce blood sugar levels.
  • Asthma patients can use cumin to find relief as it can reduce the inflammation that causes asthma.
  • Cumin is rich in Iron, so it can help with people who are suffering with low haemoglobin.
  • It has good properties when it comes to slowing down of the aging process. The seeds are also good for skin wrinkles.
  • Eating jeera can reduce feelings of nausea.
  • Jeera can help in regulating the acid levels in your stomach. This is can very helpful for people with acidity.
  • Jeera seeds can help in purifying your blood. Cumin powder is also good for blood.
  • These seeds can prevent certain types of cancers. So, add them to your diet to take better care of yourself.

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