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Habits that can cause kidney diseases


World Kidney Day is on March 8th, which is a campaign to raise global awareness on the importance of kidney health.

Kidneys are one of the most important organs of the body, managing the body’s fluids. The functions of the kidneys are to remove excess water from the body, retain water when the body needs it, detoxify the blood, and filter waste products through the urine.

Kidney disease can be extremely damaging to the entire body, since the vital functions of the kidney are not being performed properly.

These are some bad habits that can damage the kidneys and cause kidney disease. These habits should be known and avoided at all costs.

Over-the-counter painkillers may ease the pain of headaches and cramps, but overusing painkillers can cause some extremely detrimental side-effects, including kidney damage.

Overdoses of painkillers can harm the kidneys, and they can worsen any already-existing kidney problems.

Processed foods are stuffed with phosphorus and sodium.

Several studies have shown that the intake of foods that are high in phosphorus, such as processed foods, can be damaging to the kidneys.

Therefore, people suffering from kidney disease should limit the amount of phosphorus in their diets.

Overdoses of salty foods can also lead to kidney damage, since salt contains sodium, which can cause an increase in blood pressure.

Increases in blood pressure can damage the kidneys, since the kidneys must work more to excrete the excess salt from the body.

This can also cause water retention in the body, which can lead to kidney disease.

Dehydration can be another cause of kidney disease.

Drinking water allows the kidneys to clear toxins from the body, but without enough water, the kidneys cannot excrete these toxins as well.


Habits that can cause kidney diseases

In order to prevent kidney stones from forming, drink plenty of water and stay properly hydrated.

Eating too much meat can also cause kidney disease.

Animal protein produces high amounts of acid in the blood, which can damage the kidneys and cause acidosis.

Acidosis is a harmful condition in which the kidneys cannot remove acid fast enough.

Of course, animal protein is necessary for the body, but the over consumption of animal protein can cause kidney disease.

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