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Foods that help in reducing anxiety

Foods that help in reducing anxiety

Anxiety is seen in many people these days. Several studies prove that low levels of magnesium can make you anxious. Even, this deficiency is one of the reasons for your depression as well.

You can get magnesium with foods as well as supplements. But, magnesium supplements can be taken only if you have a prescription of the physician especially if you have kidney problems.

So, adding magnesium rich foods to your diet can help you reduce your anxiety and depression. Most magnesium rich foods are plant based. Hence, add these foods to your diet.

Here is a list of some magnesium rich foods:

Spinach is one excellent source which is not just rich in magnesium but also rich in several other essential minerals including iron. One cup of cooked spinach provides 157mg of magnesium. It is 39 percent of the recommended daily intake (RDI). Spinach is rich in antioxidants as well which helps in fighting inflammation.

Dark chocolate can offer 24 percent of the daily required magnesium to you. It is loaded with antioxidants, iron, manganese, prebiotic fiber, copper etc.

One cup of almonds can give you 75mg of magnesium. However, almond is high in calories, eat them occasionally.

One medium-sized avocado provides 15 percent of RDI of magnesium. It also gives you potassium, vitamin B and K, and monounsaturated fat.

Quinoa is another source for magnesium. One cup of quinoa has 118mg of magnesium. Moreover, it helps you reduce your weight.

Foods that help in reducing anxiety

Foods that help in reducing anxiety

A handful of dried pumpkin seeds offer around 25 percent of required magnesium. They also contain zinc.

One cup of black beans provides 60mg of magnesium. They are rich in fiber, and thus help in weight loss.

Tofu is rich in several minerals including magnesium, iron, selenium and calcium. It is also rich in protein.

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