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Feet reveal diseases

Feet reveal diseases

Your body shows certain symptoms when you are suffering with certain diseases. These are warning signs that reveal the diseases. For instance, swelling of hands may be a sign of Carpel Tunnel syndrome.

Your feet also indicate several diseases. Observing these signs in early stages helps to prevent or treat them in their earlier stages.

Feet also reveal your overall health and wellbeing. Certain conditions like thyroid, diabetes etc. can be indicated by feet. They even disclose serious conditions such as heart diseases.

Read this article to know the symptoms that your feet tell about the diseases.

  1. Dry and scaly feet may be the main symptom of thyroid problems. If you feel dry feet even if you apply moisturizer to your feet, then it is better to go to doctor.
  2. Unhealed wounds or ulcers on your feet can be a sign of diabetes. If you are unaware of your diabetes it might damage your nerves in the feet, then observe this symptom and check your sugar levels immediately.
  3. Soring big toe may be a sign of uric acid levels in the body. The high purine levels lead to this condition. Purine is found generally in red meat, fish and certain types of alcohol and can trigger an attack due to excess levels of uric acid in the body.
  4. Red lines under toenails can be a main symptom of heart infection. The condition is referred to as splinter hemorrhages that occurs due to the breakage of blood vessels. Generally, diabetic patients or the people who are suffering with HIV, and the individuals that are undergoing chemotherapy have this symptom.
  5. Clubbing may be a symptom of lung cancer or severe lung infection. It is also related to heart and intestinal diseases. Hence, when you find clubbing on your toe fingers, consult your physician.

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