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Effects of passive smoking

Effects of passive smoking

Smoking is a harmful habit and almost everyone knows that including smokers. However, do you know that there is a thing called passive smoking which is very harmful to non-smokers? Passive smoking is basically the inhalation of tobacco in an indirect fashion.

There are many effects of passive smoking. Read on to find out how it can affect you.

Lung cancer

Perhaps the worst of all, not only active smokers but also passive smokers have a high risk of lung cancer. People who suffer with passive smoking have 20 -30 percent higher chance of lung cancer.


Passive smoking is one of the biggest asthma inducers. People suffering with respiratory problems can get severely affected by passive smoking.

Heart diseases

There are many evidences that show that passive smoking can increase the chances of heart diseases among people. It can also increase your chances of having heart strokes.

Pre- mature death

Facing passive smoking more can increase chances of pre-mature death. It is still not known the safe level of passive smoking.

Pre-mature babies

Pregnant women can face a lot of problems due to passive smoking. It can also cause pre-mature delivery of babies.

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