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Eat these fruits to clean your digestive system

Eat these fruits to clean your digestive system

Fruits are one of the best foods that contain minerals and vitamins. They help to keep your overall health. If you want to keep your digestive system clean, then eat these foods.

  1. An apple a day, keeps the doctor away – this is a well-known saying. As it says it protects you from many diseases. Apple has pectin and high fibre. Thus, helps in cleansing intestines and digestive system.
  2. Watermelon has many vitamins and minerals in addition to water. Take this fruit or juice to eliminate toxins from your body or to clean your digestive system.
  3. Avocado is rich in glutathione, a nutrient that helps detoxify synthetic chemicals in liver and abdomen.
  4. Blueberries have fibre and minerals like copper. They also contain acids to aid digestion by fuelling the right gastric juices. Eat few blueberries at least once in a week to get rid of all types of toxins and chemicals in the digestive region.
  5. Grapefruit has pectin to excrete toxin from the body. Take the fruit or juice to keep your digestive system clean.
  6. Cranberries have enzyme to assist in digestion. They not only protect you against bacteria but also improves your immunity. Consume them twice a week.

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