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Diseases revealed by your tongue color and texture

Diseases revealed by your tongue color and texture

Tongue is one of the key sense organs which not just helps in identifying taste but also in certain health conditions. It is quite common for you to be asked by your physician to show your tongue when you visit him/her in your ill health. This is because your tongue color and texture reveals certain diseases including serious health problems.

Normal tongue color is pink and its texture is rough to some extent. If you notice any change in its color or texture, it is better to get it examined early to check your health condition. Here are certain problems that are revealed by your tongue color and texture.

If your tongue turns slight purple in color, then it may be an indication of cardiovascular diseases and high cholesterol in the blood.

When you are suffering from fever and dehydration your tongue turns yellow . It is also an indication for breathing problems.

Rather than appearing pink, if your tongue appears red, it may be an indication of vitamin B deficiency. Often it appears red when the person is suffering from fever as well.

If the tongue appears white, then you could be having a fungal or bacterial infection in your body. It also reveals digestive problems. Regularly scraping your tongue and cleaning it while brushing teeth helps remove bacteria.

Poor oral hygiene and consuming tobacco can make the tongue black color.

The texture of tongue is normally rough. But, if it looks smooth, then it may an indication of malnutrition and lack of minerals and vitamins like vitamin B and iron in your body.

Dry tongue is an indication of severe stress and dehydration. Drinking plenty of water can help turn it to a normal texture.

So, next time when you observe any of these signs on your tongue, check your health immediately to avoid serious health consequences.

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