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Combat allergies naturally

Combat allergies naturally

Airborne agents or allergens cause allergies. The most common allergens are pollen, mold, grass and some chemicals. Allergies lead to various symptoms include sneezing, runny nose, rashes, swelling, itching etc.

Here are some natural remedies or ways to combat allergies:

  • Cleanse your nasal passage using a saline solution or nasal oil. If you use a neti pot, make sure that the pot is clean and sterile. Also, use sterile water to avoid infections. It helps treat allergies caused by pollens. There are many saline sprays available over the counter. You can use them to eliminate pollen and other irritants.
  • Acupuncture is another natural method used to treat allergies. Some studies showed mixed results for it. However, visit an expert if you opt for acupuncture, as it involves pricking with tiny needles at specific points of the body.
  • Use herbs like butterbur, which has shown some positive results in relieving the symptoms of allergies. Also, add quercetin-rich foods like apples, onions, black tea etc.
  • Probiotics improve gut bacteria and thereby reduce the occurrence of allergies. They help stimulate the production of immunity boosters and inhibit the growth of pathogens.
  • Manage stress using natural methods like yoga and meditation to prevent seasonal allergies. You can take the help of a chiropractor also to relieve stress.
  • Essential oils help ease allergy symptoms. You can add these oils to a bath or tea. You can even massage with this oil or use it in an oil diffuser. Essential oils like basil, peppermint, eucalyptus etc., boost immunity by detoxifying the body. They can even fight against various microbes, bacteria, and other harmful toxins.
  • Clean your home regularly and keep it tidy. Clean all places where pollen can accumulate. If you use air purifiers, you have to keep them clean or else they may cause allergies. Change pillow covers and bed sheets regularly to keep them clean and avoid the accumulation of allergens.

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