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Children and Germs

Children and Germs

When we hear the word germs, we tend to associate them with bad things. While this could be true, the facts about germs are not really so black and white. There are some recent studies which have shown that exposure to germs is not really a bad thing as it can strengthen the immunity for children. As the human body learns to fight new germs at a young age, the body will stay immune as they grow up.

We have developed an obsession for cleanliness and it may not always be a good thing. You can relax about how your children play games outside as research shows this can improve their health.

It is found that children who were exposed to household germs and pets have developed better immunity to certain type of infections as well as allergies.

Hyper sensitivity

It is found that kids who live in extremely clean conditions tend to develop hypersensitivity to certain allergies. This can cause them to get affected even by mild infections.


Yes, germs are bad, but it is important to know the limits. It’s ok if your child misses a shower occasionally, but it is not ok to let them eat with dirty hands. Balance is the key here.

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